How to Install Android Apps from a Computer

Consider yourself seated in front of your computer. You’ve discovered and want to install a handy Android app. However, because the phone is not closed, you must move to install that program. tiresome. Fortunately, you can remotely install applications on your Android phone from your PC. Sideloading APK files allows you to install them without having to transfer them to your Android phone. This is how it’s done.

Simple method:

How to Install Apps on Android from a Computer
  1. Sign in to your phone’s Play Store with your Gmail account. Use the same Gmail account to sign in to the Playstore website on your PC.
  2. After connecting your PC and phone to the Internet, click “install” on any application on your PC’s play store site, and the app will begin downloading and installing on your phone. The nerd way:
How to Install Apps on Android from a Computer
  1. Download and install the Android SDK for Windows or Linux on your PC.
  2. Use a data cable to connect your phone to your PC and enable the developer’s option on your phone.
  3. Enable USB debugging and allow fake location settings on your phone.
  4. There is now an ADB utility. It may be found in the Android SDK.
  5. Open the terminal (called cmd prompt on Windows) on your Linux PC and run the ADB application, such as this ADB device. Your gadget should be in the list.
  6. Download the apk file for the software you want to install.
  7. To install it, do adb install app.apk on your phone.

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