A computer network refers to the interconnection of computers scattered nearby or far away in such a way that each of them communicates independently with another computer to exchange information or messages.  Can provide and share each other’s resources and facilities.  These messages or information can be of any type such as Video, Images, Files, and more types.

Here we have learned, what is a computer network?  (What is Computer Network kya hai.) Now we will talk about what is a network?  (Network kya hai.) Here we will provide you with complete information about the network so that you do not need to go to any other site and also save your time.


What is a network?

A network is a group of more than one point, object, or person in such a way that each of them can form a direct/independent relationship with the other in such a way that it can share information.  Each network has a definite purpose.  Since it is a group of points/objects (A group of devices that are connected to each other.) hence the concept of a network is from the computer network.

Points/objects here mean computers and their group is called a network, computers connected to the network are called nodes in computer terminology/language except server computers.

If we talk about the real meaning of a computer network, then a computer network connects more than one computer through some communication medium in such a way that they can send and receive their message to others.  Computers on a computer network can interact with computers on other networks while in their own network.

Network technical discussions are based on information transfer in three forms –




Mixing sound, data and video together is a complex task but we can easily mix sound and data.  But through today’s technology, the transfer of all three has become an easy task.  An example of this is the Internet.  The same type of information transfer is quite prevalent in many areas.  Mobile phones are more prevalent in voice transfer, they have a very large network.


The technology of data transmission in the network is called packet switching.  The data/message sent by the user is broken into smaller units, which are called packets.  Considering each of these packets separately, it is sent from one Packet Switching Exchange (PSE) to another PSE at its fixed address until the data/message reaches the fixed address.  In this process, the data is checked in each Exchange.

Based on the computers connected to the computer network, they are divided into two parts –

Homogeneous Network

Heterogeneous Network


elements of network

A computer network is a group of different elements.  We will learn about the five main ingredients here.



What is the server?  A server is a computer program that fulfills the request received from the client, also called a node, through the data stored in its hard disk.  If we talk about the real meaning of the server, then the meaning of the server itself is to serve, that is, to fulfill, that is, which fulfills the request of the client.

The server is the main/central computer of the network, and its capability is superior to all other computers, most or all of the network’s data is stored in the server itself.

It plays an important role in the operation of the network.  There are many types of servers such as – File Server, Database Server, Mail Server, Application Servers, etc.



All computers/devices except server computers are called clients.  Clients are the computers in which users work.  Each client has a definite name and identity.  Some clients are powerful, often called workstations.  The client itself is called a node.


 Network Cable

The cables through which computers are connected are called network cables.  Information is transferred from one computer to another through network cables.  These cables are called buses.


Network Operating System

It is software that is loaded into the server, whose function is to maintain the connection between the computers of the network as well as control the traffic of information.


Network Card

It is a type of circuit that connects network cables to computers.  Through these cards, the movement of information or messages takes place at a rapid speed.  These cords are placed in the motherboard of each computer connected to the network.  It is also called an Ethernet card.


 Types of network

Networks are divided into several types based on their geographical point of view, three of them (LAN, MAN & WAN) are quite common and main.



The full form of LAN is the Local Area Network.  All the computers in LAN are connected through a communication cable, since they are connected through a cable, so the area of ​​this type of network is not very large, it is spread over a building or a small area.  Often they are used in Office or Company.  In these, the devices are connected by capable cables in such a way that they can easily exchange information.  Their distance is less than 5 Km and the maximum rate of DATA transmission is up to 10 Mbps.  At the same time, it has fewer errors than WAN.



The full form of MAN is Metropolitan Area Network.  MAN is such a type of network where many LANs are mixed.  MAN is usually a network spread within a city or town and it is larger than LAN but smaller than WAN.  The speed of DATA transmission in this network is 10-100 Mbits/sec.  it occurs.  These are very expensive networks because fiber optic cables are used to connect computers, which are very expensive cables.  Landline service provider companies and cable operators are mainly included in this network.



The full form of WAN is a Wide Area Network.  A WAN is a network in which computers/devices that exchange information can be physically far apart, this distance can be thousands of kilometers.  Only cables don’t need to be used to connect computers in WAN.  In this, computers are also connected through Wire and also Wireless.

Can connect with networks of other countries through WAN.  In this, fiber optic cables are laid under the sea, or communication satellites are used for the movement of information.  In this, the speed of DATA transmission is less due to the longer distance.  At the same time, the possibility of errors is also higher in comparison to LAN.



What are Network Devices and how many types are there?

The ones that are used to increase the power of signals are called Network Devices.  At the same time, network devices are used to connect computers among themselves.



What is a modem?  The modem is the sort form of Modulator Demodulator.  It works to convert analog signals into digital signals and digital signals into analog signals.  It is installed between the telephone line and the computer.



The process of converting a digital signal into an analog signal is called modulation.



The process of converting analog signals into digital signals is called demodulation.



It is an electronic device that receives low-level signals and sends them back to a high level.  The main function of repeaters is to protect the weakened signal and the damage caused by them.  Repeaters are used to increase the length of the cable connecting two computers in the network.  This is most useful when a long cable is required to connect computers.




What is Hub?  Hub is used in such places, where all the cables are available in the network.  It is a type of repeater, it has ports for connecting network channels.  Usually, a port has 4, 8, 16, or 24 ports.

At most 24 computers can be added to a big hub.  Another hub can be used to connect more computers than this.  It is easy to connect and remove Hubs among themselves.  When two or more hubs are joined then it is called Daisy Chain.  Hubs works on the physical layer 1 of the OSI model.

The use of Hub is decreasing now because Switch is taking its place.



Bridgeworks to connect small networks so that small networks connect and work as a large network.  The bridge also does the work of distributing large or busy networks to smaller networks.



The router is used to transfer data packets in the network, this process of data sharing is called routing.  Every large network has more than one router.



This is a type of network device that is used instead of a hub to connect computers.  It works to connect the networks of the local area.  One main difference between Hub and Switch is that Hubs which are Hubs are called Non-Intelligent devices while Switch is called Intelligent devices.

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