According to the changing times, a lot of changes are being seen in the way of business as well.  With new technology and new methods, there has been a lot of change in the structure of the business.  Due to high-speed internet and smart mobile phone, a new revolution has come all over the world, nowadays people are starting to run their behavior online while sitting at home.  The business of online business is spreading very fast all over the world.  That is why, in our today’s Hindi blogs, the topic will be – Top 5 Online Business Ideas in Hindi.  How to earn money online?  ,


Online business – What is business?  ,

A business that is done through the internet medium. Nowadays online business is spreading very fast because it requires only two things for online business. One is Laptop or Mobile and the other is an Internet Connection. This online business will continue to grow a lot for many years to come.


Which you will know from the figures given below.

India India’s online business statistics.

Today, India’s e-commerce is about 45 Billion Dollars, which is likely to reach about 300 Billion Dollars in 2030.

Talking about the online Indian grocery market, today it is about $ 3 billion, and it is likely to reach about $ 70 billion in 2030.

Overall India, if we talk about Consumer Digital Market, which is worth 100 billion dollars in 2022, it is likely to reach 800 billion dollars by 2030.

Friends, these figures say that there is a lot of growth and potential in online business in the coming time, so you too can earn good money by starting a good online business.


Online Business Ideas

In this way, there are many different fields of doing online business, in which online business ranging from Zero Investment to High Investments and Low Skill to High Skill can be seen.

But here we will discuss Top 5 Online Business Ideas with Low Investments, which any Housewife, College Student, Retired person, or any other people can do this online business sitting at home.


Start your own E-Commerce Online Shop.

The trend of online shopping is increasing day by day.  Because you get goods at competitive rates, and your product is also easily delivered to your home, without any charges.

You can earn a good amount by starting your e-commerce online shop.

You can start your own online shop by selecting any single product or multi-products.  Readymade Clothes, Beauty products, Homemade Items, Home Appliances, Mobiles, Grocery items or Vegetables, etc., you can choose any other products for your shop.

For this, you can start an online shop by creating your e-commerce website, where you can sell your own products or any other company’s products.

If you are a product manufacturer yourself, then you can sell your products by listing them on Amazon, or you can also list any other manufactured products in your online shop and sell commissioned-based products.

You can sell your products by listing your products or someone else’s manufactured products in the Facebook marketplace.

So you also start your online shop and earn.

We have discussed this topic in brief here and we will tell it in detail in a new blog post.


Affiliate Marketing- Start affiliate marketing work.

Affiliate marketing is online marketing, that is, in which you promote affiliate links of a company’s products on your blog or YouTube, or any other platform.

When someone has purchased products from this Promotion Link, then you get commissions.

Whenever a company promotes its products from an online company associated with Affiliate Marketing for its marketing, to increase the sale of its products. And offers commissions to get its products sold.

People associated with this online company, promote the company’s products on different platforms through Affiliate Links, and sell there which they get good commissions, different companies have different commissions, and Affiliate marketing  Makes a good income.

So you too start the work of affiliate marketing and earn a good amount.

Names of some good Affiliate Marketing companies and their website are mentioned, where you get a good commission.


Start blogging work.

Blogging means creating your own website blog, in which your passion or your knowledge about any trending topics is published in the form of articles i.e. posts.

Nowadays many people work full time or part-time, writing articles for the blog, and because of this, there is a good income on their side.  And this is a great way to earn online.

Any students, retired persons, housewives, or anyone can write this blog.  There is no such thing as age bars, any B age group can write it.  It is only necessary to know the subject.

There are two ways to earn from this blogging, first, you can earn through ads in your blog from Google AdSense.  And another way is by promoting products from affiliate links in your blog post, you can earn a good amount of income.



Do freelancing work.

There are many works of many companies or individuals, that they do not do themselves and only want to get done by other professionals, because they get that work done at the right time and in less money.

Therefore, the company offers such work to others through any platform or freelance websites.

There are many such websites where such professionals get work.

You are also a professional, no matter what the fields, understand that you are a Logo Designer, Web designer, Graphics designer, SEO Experts, Digital Marketing, Writing skill, Data Entry or any other kind of skills if you are in these websites.  Through this, you can get part-time work, and here you can earn more than full-time jobs.

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